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Since 2004, Heritage Films have been releasing film and television content to audiences in Australia and New Zealand. Our vision is summed up in our passionate belief that MOVIES CHANGE PEOPLE – PEOPLE CHANGE THE WORLD! In 2021 we joined the global team to bring to you the best kid’s streaming platform anywhere in the world. There are literally thousands of faith-filled shows here for kids and families to enjoy. You’ve really not seen anything like Yippee!

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The only place to watch new Veggie Tales.

A safe place for your kids to watch new VeggieTales plus 1,000s of hours of faith filled series where characters are rolemodels and you kids want to watch it again (and again!).

A wholesome alternative to YouTube.

No ads, no algorithms, no sassy attitudes. Just good shows your kids will actually want to watch including hand-picked. YouTubers reviewed and screened by parents like you.

Build good character in your kids

Rest a little easier, knowing you found an app for your kids that you can actually get behind. Yippee is not just another streaming service. We are changing kids' lives with TV shows and equipping you, parents, with tips and tools you need to develop character in your kids and grow their faith.

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